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Below is NUSAVE's Alaska Compliance Certificate proving its creation and existence here in America's largest front line state filled with uniform services of all kinds, veterans, and the families of them all. there is no more fitting place for it to begin its life.


NUSAVE exists as tiny seed that President Trump and Congress can make into the largest endowment in the world. Imagine if its congressional charter legislation were joined to NEW - NET - ANWR to become the NUSAVE - NEW - NET - ANWR Act. What a monumentally wonderful achievement for Alaskans to bestow on America and all Americans. We would be deeply proud and privileged to personify both bills combined in one!

At 74 and approaching the end of our fortunate and happy lives together, we made a second, and most likely final, gift to our country to benefit those brave fellow Americans who willingly and lovingly put their lives on the line to insure our collective and individual national security and safety. Without them, America would simply not exist in its current free state. Instead, America would be taken over by Russia, China, or Islam. The equation could not be more plain and simple: No national security equals no America.

We conceived our second brainchild, the National Uniform Services And Veterans Endowment (NUSAVE) a little differently than our first NFWF brainchild. This time we went ahead and incorporated NUSAVE as a 501(C)(3) nonprofit here in Alaska where we live with the help of our friend, Bill Fasser, one of Ted's veteran brothers and also his Knight of Columbus brother. We have made it so that it can and should also be a membership endowment allowing for membership dues funding as well as voluntary gifts from members, supporters, corporations, foundations, and other entities. 

It is our fondest hope and dream that once again the Congress of our United States absorb our brainchild and seed money into a congressionally chartered National Uniform Services And Veterans Endowment. We sincerely hope that NUSAVE grows quickly into the largest and richest endowment in America and the world, and absorbs literally trillions of dollars of our Treasury-securities National Debt now in the hands of foreigners, many of which are our enemies, and puts those securities and their tax-payer dollar interest to work benefiting our own bravest citizens!

NUSAVE - National Uniform Services And Veterans Endowment