Ted and Francoise,

55 years - Together!

​Sometimes, togetherness forms the very core of a couple’s existence. That is the case with Ted and Francoise Gianoutsos. Both were born in the middle of the Second World War in 1942 on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Francoise was born on a cold January 21st, in Normandy France. Ted was born on a hot August 5th, in Massachusetts.

They started their life together 20 years later in 1962 on the Deauville, Normandy beach just a short distance north from where American troops had stormed ashore to liberate France from Nazi tyranny.

At 10 o’clock on the morning of the sixth of July, Francoise was sitting on the beach with a group of her university friends. Ted was sitting nearby with two fellow Airmen on a Fourth of July 3-day weekend pass from the airbase where they were stationed with the U.S. Air Force.

Ted walked over and sat down next to Francoise. Before saying a word they gazed into each other’s eyes and both knew instantly that they would spend the rest of their lives together. They knew that they were more than soul mates, they were two halves of the same soul. They were married a year later on July 1st 1963, in Deauville France.

Togetherness seemed natural to them. Both their fathers were born in the 1890s. Their mothers were born in 1912 and 1913. Their parents both married in the 1930s. Both couples were married for more than 50 years.

Ted and Francoise grew up watching their parents work every day, together. Ted’s parents ran a small mom and pop grocery store/restaurant that was open 7 days a week. Francoise’s dad was a country veterinarian whose wife helped in a practice that was also a 7-day a week proposition.

Ted and Francoise put each other through school in the 1960s earning 6 college degrees. Together, in the early 1980s they founded the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation by personifying the enacting legislation.

It is the only time in American history that a couple has pushed an entire generic wildlife act through a divided Congress that passed unanimously with 60 cosponsors including 22 chairmen and the leaders of both parties.

At the same time, both Ted and Francoise lost their federal civil service jobs in Washington D.C. because they stood up against corruption. Sure, like everyone they had tough times that made them stronger.

However, they always had food in their bellies, clothes on their backs, and some type of roof over their heads, even when they were homeless – because they always had each other and were together.

They drove from Virginia to Alaska in 1999, living in their car. They ran as a team for the U. S. Senate in 2004, for two reasons; to help veterans and to open ANWR in the best and most beneficial way for America, Alaska, and wildlife with the creation of a National Endowment for Wildlife as the lasting legacy of responsible ANWR oil and gas development.

They both ran for Governor and Lt. Governor of Alaska in 2006 for the same reasons. In 2008 and 2010, they ran again as a team for U.S. Senate, to achieve the best and most beneficial ANWR legislation. In 2012, they ran for the U.S. House of Representatives because there was no senate race that year in Alaska. In 2014 and 2016 it was back to running again for the senate.

That was the last campaign. Twelve years, the equivalent of two senate terms, was more than enough political campaigning. Besides, in 2016 Trump won the presidency finally setting the stage for the opening of ANWR in the best and most beneficial way. Good thing too, because for 12 years they never ran to actually win, rather they ran to raise awareness for their unique ANWR opening utility, and to change least care for veterans into best care.   

For 12 years, their website has simply been called, tedandfran.com. Every day, they work to do something good for their country, their state, veterans, and wildlife. As they have for 55 years, they do it in the only way they know how. Together!

Some people may wonder what Ted and Francoise’s “Togetherness Secret” is, and what makes them such a strong couple. They both will tell you that it is singularly and elementally simple.

Love your mate more than anything or anyone else in the world! More than any job, career, or pastime. More than any kith or kin. More than anything else you do or yearn for.

Then your souls will be welded together as Ted and Francoise’s were from the first moment they met and looked into each other’s eyes, 55 years ago. They know that even when they die in a few more years, their souls will still be welded together for all time.

They know that they will journey together throughout the universe for all eternity marveling at sights and experiences they never could even imagine in their mere mortal incarnations.

Real togetherness is total, complete, and forever!